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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) also referred to as “The Acu-Face Lift” or “Cosmetic Acupuncture” has been used for thousands of years. Initially Chinese Emperors and their wives sought solutions to maintain their youthful appearance with the ultimate goal of eternal life. While, to our knowledge, no one attained eternal life via the use of Acupuncture, systems for Facial Rejuvenation were developed with great success. Click here to read article.

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Community Spotlight: Holistic Health Rhode Island - A welcoming, comfortable and healing environment where quality time with patients is our priority

Rhode Island Natural Awakenings

After earning a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Jewel Sommerville had intended to move forward and receive her PhD. However, she was starting to become discouraged with the state of healthcare. At the time, Medicare and HMOs were taking over, limiting her time with patients. Most of her patients were suffering from severe mental illness and being approved for only 15-minute sessions.

“The reason I went into psychology was my desire to help the whole person,” she says. “Having such little time with patients limited my ability to help them heal. Click Here to Read Article

You may notice the term “infertility” was not used in the title of this article. I believe the term alone causes a psychological “block” telling us as women and men that conception is impossible. This message leads to stress, negative beliefs and anxiety. Click Here to Read Article

Affecting 1 in 5 Americans, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common disorders diagnosed. IBS is not a disease but a functional disorder primarily of the bowel (meaning the bowel is not working properly). Click Here to Read Article

A Natural Solution for Chronic Pain

Jewel Sommerville, D.Ac.

Chronic pain chronically disrupts American life. From the workplace to an individual’s personal and professional goals, chronic pain is interrupting your joy, it’s interrupting your potential; but it doesn’t have to.

Click Here to Read Article

Whole Grains are gaining increasing popularity due to their high nutritional value, low Glycemic Index and economic value. From a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, whole grains supply us with foundational level “Qi” (energy) which helps us in all categories of health and life; grains sustain us. Click Here to Read Article

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