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How would you describe your

acupuncture experience?


"Healing, relaxing, comfortable.

After treatment I sleep

well and my body feels very relaxed. Everything works better."


"Excellent-helped very much."


"I have been receiving Acupuncture

treatments for over ten years and

I always look forward to each treatment.

It has alleviated a lot of pain I have

experienced over the years much faster than Western Medicine!"

- S.G.


"From the moment I walk into the lobby

all the stress & anxiety from everyday

life starts to melt away.  Dr. Jewel has created a very therapeutic environment touching all my senses.  Dr. Jewel is always tuned into what is impacting me that day and provides not

only a very professional and effective treatment, but great advice for my diet, exercise, and other needs. The experience is focused on what I need and I always leave so much better than when I arrived."



"I find acupuncture treatments to be one of

the most relaxing things that I do for myself."



"Exceptional! I tell everyone I "tried" getting pregnant for 2 years, went to Dr. Jewel and was pregnant withing the month!"


If you were going to recommend acupuncture to a friend, what might you say to encourage him or her?


"I am a believer in acupuncture and have experienced positive results from my treatments. I would recommend a

consultation wit Dr. Jewel to determine if acupuncture could help treat their individual situation/medical problem."



"I have had a great deal of success re: diabetes and pain with acupuncture treatments."


"Treatments are not painful, very relaxing,

the flow of energy (called the "chee") is an AMAZING feeling! You also feel extremely relaxed the rest of the day."



"I have recommended acupuncture to other advising them that the treatment has really made a huge difference in my life. It is customized to your needs and highly effective."



"First, that it is not painful and it is very effective for managing various types of pain. Better than taking drugs, it's relaxing, natural way to diminish or eliminate pain."



"It works! Try it! What do you have to use?!"



"Noninvasive, relaxing, almost like therapy

with a physical improvement component."


What was the primary condition

you have treated?


"Arthritis of hips, knees, and

shoulder Also right sciatica."





"Irritable Bowel Syndrome and

lower back pain."



"Infertility. Also stress and anxiety

between the loss of my mom and a

demanding work environment."



"Originally, I began treatment for sciatica.

I've also had treatments for arthritic knees."



"I started treatments for severe IBS/headaches/anxiety. Ended up being treated for fertility issues."







Would you recommend HHRI's services?


"Absolutely.....and have

recommended Dr. Jewel."





"Yes, most definitely! She is absolutely wonderful! She has helped me more over the years than any Western Medical Physician!"



"Yes, I have highly recommended Dr. Jewel

to others. Her treatments are exceptional!"



"Yes, definitely, and I have. She's a

wonderful doctor, very calming, effective,

and professional. I work in the area and recommend her to everyone I know that has unmanageable or recurring pain."



"Yes. I have many times!"



"Yes! I tell everyone."


How did acupuncture help your condition?


"Dr. Jewel saved me! I could not walk.

During treatment I actually felt the blood flowing through my leg. A total of 2 treatments and I felt like a new person. Acupuncture also helped relieve the stiffness and pain of arthritis."



"Lower A/C hemoglobin number."


"It helped keep my IBS in check and if

I had any problems I came to the office and would disappear after treatment."



"As a result of acupuncture treatments I successfully conceived with IVF. I am also

able to manage my stress and better deal

with the work/life demands."



"Originally I began treatment for sciatica.

At the time, I also went to a chiropractor.

After several months, I no longer needed the chiropractor! Years later, I have never had

a recurrence of that sciatica pain. I've had slight twinges a couple of times, but never

the back-to-toe pain that made it difficult to walk and get in and out of the car."



"The acupuncture helped me put off a total knee replacement by 7 years or so.

Ultimately the physical damage was too far gone, but the pain was kept at bay quite well. Post total knee replacement, the acupuncture treatments helped me recover more quickly."



"Alleviated my symptoms.  I slept better,

had less anxiety. I also had a healthy,

beautiful baby girl!"



"Exceptional! It worked! And continuing acupuncture during pregnancy led to a very healthy pregnancy, delivery, and first year."


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